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Do you ever just want to make a giant, rainbow sea dragon out of balloons? Or stick googly eyes on inanimate objects? Have you ever gotten the urge to have a really intense tournament for rock, paper, scissors, or to get together with friends and write an epic poem about a talking potato? Maybe you've never thought about doing those particular things, but you might have your own fun ideas for wacky things to do.

If you feel like you want to play like a little kid again, to experience the wonder of childhood, or just get out and do something memorable, this might be the group for you. Maybe you want to wake up out of your routine, be goofy with a fun stranger, or go on a mini-adventure. Hopefully, we'll be able to get together and do a bunch of random stuff that we'll actually remember twenty years from now. Together, we can try to cultivate a community full of laughter, creativity, and authenticity, where no idea is too silly to try.

With the current conditions, in person events will have a maximum cap of 10 (sometimes less) and all attendees must come prepared to wear masks and socially distance. Please be respectful of others' health and do not attend if you are experiencing symptoms of or have been exposed to COVID-19.

Put on your top hat, click your heels together three times, and step out the door. Let's get together to try new things, be goofballs, and do something wacky!

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Fake Bird Watching

Burke Lake Park

Giant Bubbles

Old Town Square

Paper Boat Races

Burke Lake Park

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