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What we’re about

Spirals are the heart of Lean In Agile movement since they serve as a mechanism for how we deliver on our vision of helping women to learn, grow and succeed together.

A spiral is a geographically connected group of women in the Lean and Agile community that have come together to learn from and support each other. Metaphor of a Spiral is to indicate the bonds that connect women together, with the open end of the spiral to indicate the invitation is always open for the next woman to join in.

Spirals are meant to be more than a stand alone or isolated monthly event.  Beyond an “expert” voice speaking to many, Spirals are more of a peer learning and sharing group where we recognize the multi-dimensionality of womens’ ability beyond just their Agile expertise.

Through spirals, with its series of facilitated, structured activities, women learn to continually re-discover and value the full nature of their expertise and potential as well as experience behavior-changing techniques to ask for help, to offer help, to take risks, to share their knowledge and to increase confidence.

In sum, spirals are a support structure enabling individual women to advance professionally and personally by leaning in to and on each other. The ongoing and mutually reinforcing nature of spirals serves as a catalyst for empowerment and a medium for sustainable community engagement.

This is a group of Women, by Women and for Women. Let us embrace, collaborate and promote Women to take the lead! This forum is for women to have the chance to share success stories, challenges and opportunities.