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Northern Ohio Freethought Society (NOFS) is an officially recognized chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF (http://www.ffrf.org)) as of February 21, 2013.

To be a member of NOFS, you must be a current, paid member of FFRF. We require either a FFRF membership receipt or the expiration date from the FFRF newsletter mailing label as proof. In order to remain a voting member of NOFS, the renewal receipt each year must be sent to the Director's email address. We hold meetings monthly on the third or last Saturday, and the $20 annual membership dues are due on January 31 each year. If you join after this date, dues are due within 30 days. Each member receives a t-shirt for becoming a dues-paying member, and receives discounted admission to any NOFS fundraiser or event.

NOFS is mandated NOT to lobby for political candidates or laws in any way. The FFRF chapter bylaws clearly state this; however, individuals can lobby for state/church separation and protest state/church separation violations, as long as the person only identifies him/herself as an INDIVIDUAL or a CONSTITUENT objecting to prayer, etc.

We champion FFRF's mission, and work to gain new memberships for FFRF, as well as student participation, working with the Secular Student Alliance. We encourage members to participate in local city council meetings and school board meetings in their communities to see if there are state/church separation violations. We will submit legitimate complaints to FFRF.

NOFS members aren't required to attend the national FFRF conventions (http://ffrf.org/outreach/convention), but we do ask members to attend at least one local NOFS organizational meeting per year. The Director of the chapter, along with at least one other member, will make every effort to attend all annual FFRF conferences, and will be asked to outline the group's activities and progress at each annual FFRF board meeting. We also must provide an annual income statement and year-end report. Please spread the word about NOFS, so that we can continue to promote the critical cause of separation of state and church and keep our nation secular!

Please remember to join the NOFS mailing list so you can receive updates and news, if you're unable to attend most meetings. We are also on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/NEOFreethoughtSoc/) and Twitter (handle: @NEOFreethoughtSoc)!

Please also read and adhere to our Mission Statement.

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An Evening with Shelley Segal

Cleveland Metropark Intergrove Lodge

Center for Inquiry Northeast Ohio and the Northern Ohio Freethought Society are proud to present an evening with renowned singer, songwriter and guitarist Shelley Segal! Born and raised in Australia, Shelley moved to the U.S. in 2016. As a young teenager she began to question religion and her own Orthodox Jewish upbringing, considering herself an atheist by age 18. Armed with her voice, guitar, and her freethought and humanism-themed original songs, Shelley burst onto the secular stage with a very well-received appearance at Reason Rally 2012. Since then she has performed at many secular events, including annual conventions held by the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Humanist Association. As of March 2019, Shelley has released 8 albums and E.P.'s including "An Atheist Album" (2011) and her latest, "Forms" (2018). IMPORTANT: There is no fee to attend this event, but please read below: 1) ATTENDEES MUST REGISTER with a valid email address USING THE FORM BELOW. An RSVP via one of the associated Meetup groups where the event is listed (CFI-NE Ohio, Cleveland Freethinkers, Northern Ohio Freethought Society) will not guarantee registration. Those who have not registered by 3 days prior (Tuesday, April 2) will not be admitted. Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/N752ahFF81abaX3g1 2) THIS EVENT IS ALSO A POTLUCK - please consider bringing a main dish, side dish, snack, dessert, or drink to share! Note: Beer and wine are permitted at this facility, provided it is consumed in plastic cups and the empty cans/bottles are placed in the proper recycling receptacle. Any alcoholic beverages must be consumed inside the building, and are prohibited in the outdoor patio areas. Feel free to indicate what you are planning to bring for the potluck, below in the comments! 3) While this event is free to attend, CFI NE Ohio and NOFS will HAPPILY ACCEPT VOLUNTARY DONATIONS to help defray the cost of venue rental and artist fees. One can make a voluntary donation via the PayPal link in the registration form above, or by placing it in the donation box at the event itself. The official start time for this event is 6:30pm. We'll eat, drink and mingle until Shelley's performance begins at approximately 7:45pm! Helpful tips for locating Intergrove Lodge: It is located on Buttermilk Falls Parkway, between Sunset Lane and Strawberry Lane (which is no longer a thru street). The easiest access is to turn onto Sunset Lane off of Rt. 91 (S.O.M. Center Rd), and then make a left on Buttermilk Falls Parkway. Intergrove Lodge will be approximately 1/2 mile up on the left. Here is a map: https://bit.ly/2TNhULm See you there! :)

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