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B or Higher - Indoor Volleyball CENTRE CLUB LIBERTYVILLE

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We'll be playing at the Centre Club Libertyville which is located right next to Condell Hospital. The cost for open gym fee is $6. The $6 fee includes use of the gym court, running track, pool, weight room, etc.

Please make sure you are B or higher. Here is the definition from this Meet-up group:

B: Players at this level and above are competitive and play year round. Play is skilled, but needs to improve in consistency. Each player can pass, set, and attack, but there are some issues with control and speed. Players pass and set to a target at a rate of over 85%. They serve with power and accuracy (but not yet for aces or return errors). Most attacks are hit downward with power – landing generally in the back third of the court. Periodically, roll shots and dinks are also seen. Single blocks are attempted on almost every attack, and occasionally double blocks are executed successfully. Everybody here knows the game well, sees the whole court in order to execute plays.

REC players should not attend.

If you aren't SURE that this event is appropriate, ask Chris or Jason. If a REC player does attend, I'll send a notice requesting they not attend this event. If they ignore the request, they'll be removed from the group.

There is 1 net available. Cost is $6 - Pay at the front counter when you enter.

Look for us on the court.


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