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What we’re about

Landlords,property investors, property owners, developers and property industry services providers join us to build transparent and valuable relationships with like-minded individuals who currently own or invest in residential or commercial real estate,self manage or use a property manager who want straight forward answers from those who have expertise in the many aspects of property ownership and investing. You may be providing private rental accommodation to the Sydney and NSW community be it single dwellings or strata title and you could be interested in commercial/retail property as well as specialist area's of investing like rooming or  boarding house ownership/ management. 

All of these aspects require building relationships with trustworthy, capable and transparent property professionals and service providers to the property industry who wish to surround themselves with a diverse range of property owners,investors and landlords.

Finding tenants, managing properties, managing property managers, dealing with problems,legislation & governance ,lobbying,risks associated with owning tenanted property & working with strata corporations are some of the challenges of owning a rental property.

We are here to educate you,learn from others, connect you and assist each other with the many challenges of property investing and of course present the opportunities.

Our core values:

*To educate and learn

*To network and socialise

*To make connections and long term relationships

*To help and assist each other

*To not hard sell any products or services

*To act at all times with honesty and integrity

Please Note that all meetups, seminars and workshops are for educational purposes and are not legal advice. We are not solicitors nor legal professionals. All educational information presented & learned uses real life member experiences,licensed experts in their field & verified by a licensed property & real estate professional with more than 2 decades experience.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out otherwise please keep an eye out for next events and Meetup's.


John Gilmovich