Open Photo Share

This is a past event

9 people went

Every 2 weeks on Wednesday

Needs a location


Post any recent photographs you want. If desired, ask for CC (constructive criticism) of your work. Use this as a tool to improve your photography or just share what you are up to. Give constructive comment only on the images requesting it.

Keep the tone of your CC nice. I prefer a sandwich method where a compliment is given first, followed by the suggested criticism and reason for it and then close with another compliment. Try to stay away from matters of taste or opinion and focus on the technical aspects. Remarks like "not my style" or "I don't like it" are not helpful. Something like "Next time take a step back to include their feet or crop the image away from the joint" or "This is interesting. I wish there was more detail shown in the center. Next time try a larger f/stop to increase your depth of field" are helpful.

We will do this bi-monthly. I encourage you to post a few of your favorite images each month. It will give you a reason to have your camera with you. Learning happens when you use it not while it sits on the shelf.