Hackerschool: Introduction to Git and GitHub

This is a past event

6 people went


Sign up at http://bit.ly/hs-2019-git

Ever used Dropbox to store your code because it makes backups? Made multiple copies of your assignment's folder just to try different things? Worked on group projects by coding in Google Docs? Git is the tool for you, it'll change the way you code for the better. We will also cover more advanced features of git such as rebasing, reverting and other life hacks. The workshop is completely free. Anyone from any faculty or the public is welcome!

Course Outline:

1. Basic bash commands
2. Getting Started
- How does git work
- Setting up a repo and saving changes
- Branching and Stashing
- Merging and handling conflicts
3. Using Github
- Creating a repo
- Making a Pull Request
- Merge or Rebase?
4. Advanced Workflows
- Time traveling: reset, checkout, revert
- Rebasing Workflows
5. Quality of Life Hacks
- VSCode: Gitlens + Git History Diff
- Terminal: tig
- GUIs: Sourcetree, Kraken

Also try setting up Git and a text editor like Sublime/Notepad++ beforehand!