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*MLM Disclaimer* Do not read further or join this group if your plan is to recruit for your MLM. You are not invited. We own the venue. It's private property. You will be removed. The MLM tactic is to recruit recruiters, and that is not what our group is about. Don't come in here and tell some millionaire partner of ours who owns forty apartment buildings how you are going to change their lives. This group is about starting or growing traditional businesses (not MLM's, which are brokerages at best). Our investors want to park their money in profitable ventures and make high % ROI. If you start taking about dreams and boss-firing and down-lines and SBO's and all that ambiguity, you will be removed. We discuss venture capital, scalability, patents, SWOT Analysis, focusing on one hedgehog concept, infrastructure, production, bookkeeping, fulfillment, tangible assets, etc.


I have been to many networking events and guru events... spent tens of thousands. One thing has always bothered me about the process, you don't leave with any progress. I'd spend $10k to sit in some event, all the while sitting there thinking to myself, "Jeez, why don't these guys start with an actual deal... not an example of a deal, but an actual deal? They could throw it up on a projector screen and discuss how the participants are literally going to move themselves forward, that night, like they will leave with some sort of foot in a deal or with a new client, a website, anything."

I'm tired of wondering that. I want to grow to become a workshop that moves people forward in their biz; not just talk about how they can move forward and then send them on their way.

If you are looking to start or grow your biz, join this group. We will soon be hosting weekend biz-building events, either at our office near the Palatine post office, or, perhaps at the library. For now, we are planning some social events just to spread the word and build this new meetup group. This is not a networking group. It is not designed for people to come and sell anything or pitch others on their services. This is a group about starting or growing a biz. It is more like an investment club. Think of it like the show The Profit, or Sharktank. We meet to start or grow a biz. We help one another.

www.PushBiz.com (http://www.pushbiz.com)

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