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A group of people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, and cycling. Our mission is to serve the outdoors-loving community by providing unique, challenging, and wholesome outdoor experiences with respect for the environment and people.

NW Wilderness Policies (Last edited May 21, 2018)


NW Wilderness has a “three strikes, you're out” policy for no-shows. If a member does not show up for three events that the member signed up for in a 12 month period the member will be banned from the group for a period of one year. A warning letter will be sent after the first or second no-show to make sure the member is aware of the policy.


NW Wilderness and its leaders assume no liability for accidents or other mishaps that happens to a member during an event or the ride to or from the event. Each member needs to participate within his/her comfort level and take responsibility for his/her own safety, first by not signing up for events outside the member's comfort level and second by not following directions or taking advice that might put them in danger.


Each member needs to come prepared for the activity he/she signs up for. That includes being in physical shape for the event. It also means bringing the proper equipment such as the ten essentials, non-cotton clothing, appropriate footwear and enough food and water.

Leadership requirements:

Any aspiring leaders are required to have attended at least five NW Wilderness events from at least two different leaders; exceptions are made for individuals with extensive track record with (an)other group(s). Each leader has virtual autonomy to lead events that they see fit as long as the event fits under the type of activities this group participates in. The leader is responsible to making sure he/she stays inside his/her skill and comfort level. New leaders agree to not lead events with other hiking groups- old leaders are grandfathered in. Each leader agrees to lead no fewer than three events each year. New leaders will be assigned a mentor to help them during their first three events.


Group membership is free, but donations are strongly encouraged in order to offset the cost of upkeep ($180 per year of website fees, group meeting expenses, etc.). Contributions can be made here: https://secure.meetup.com/NW-Wilderness/contribute/

Thank you kindly for any past or future contributions!

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Fall at Mowich Lake (car camping)

Salmon Creek Park & Ride

this is the 2d attempt for this trip. The previous year we've not made it due to snow storm. Hopefully this year we'll be be luckier, What we'll do: Sat: get to the campground, set up camp, have lunch, walk around the lake. In the evening go to Tolmie Peak Lookout to watch sunset (7.5 miles, round trip; elevation gain: 1100 ft). Sun: go to Spray Park and spend some time there till we decide, it's time to get back home (8+ miles, round trip; elevation gain: 1300+ ft). Break our camp and head home. That Sat should be National Park free access day. Bring your 10 essentials + camping gear + some food (2 lunches/snacks, dinner and breakfast). Driving distance about 342 mls RT. (about 3.5 hrs). Following meetup ride sharing policy, the drivers will be reimbursed up to 10c per mile per person ($34 for this trip) PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK; Northwest Wilderness Group organizers are volunteers. We come prepared to lead you on a trail or off trail hike but assume no liability for your safety getting to or from the trail-head or on the hike. In case of accident, illness, or other incapacity, hikers must pay for their own medical and/or evacuation expenses, whether or not the hiker has specifically authorized them

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Moderate: Trail of Ten Falls (8 miles, 1200ft elevation gain)

Silver Falls State Park South Falls Day Area

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