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**--** We're currently on a Winter break and will be back in the Spring!**--**

This book club is a place where women gather to meet each other, and discuss books relating to business, entrepreneurship, and women's experiences in the workforce. Whether you're an executive, manager, employee, student, stay-at-home mom or something in between, this book club will offer you community and networking opportunities.


The book club will be held every 2 weeks for 1 hour at a TBD location in Fayetteville OR Bentonville. 1 book every 3 sessions (approx. 6 weeks). This flexibility will allow you to only opt into topics that interest you personally. We'll do a round of introductions, and go over the structure of the book club before each new book.

Past events (26)

Dare to Lead by Brenè Brown

Onyx Coffee Lab

Dare to Lead by Brenè Brown

The Holler

How to win friends and influence people / Dale Carnegie

Black Apple Crossing

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