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Here, we will discuss various deep and philosophical topics, such as the nature of the universe, consciousness, morality, what the future will be like, advancements in science and technology, religion, spirituality (or lack of), politics, as well as many more interesting subjects.

The point of getting together and discussing all this is to learn about and understand other people's views on the world, especially if they are quite different than our own. In doing so, we will gain a greater understanding of each other, become more empathetic towards others with vastly different worldviews, and will be better equipped to debate against ideas we may disagree with. Plus, I'm sure we'll make many new friends along the way.

The values of respect, open mindedness, and critical thinking are incredibly important here, as we want to build an environment where everyone can discuss their ideas, no matter how wrong others may perceive them to be. Given the nature of these topics, many opinions may be controversial, and things could get a bit heated. To prevent this, we must always keep in mind that we are here to learn what others believe, and why they do; not to hate or shame others for their beliefs.

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Vaccination Implementation Questions

South Bend Chocolate Co

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