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What we’re about

New York Badassilisks Quidditch World Cup 2011 Saturday (3)

Quidditch, the sport invented by JK Rowling in the Harry Potter books is in fact very real. Turned into a real sport several years ago, it has grown dramatically. Thanks to the founding of the International Quidditch Association (IQA), there are hundreds of registered Quidditch teams around the USA and the world.


The NY Badassilisks are an IQA registered community Quidditch team. If you are interested in getting a great workout while participating in a co-ed, dynamic, fun filled and intense sport then give Quidditch a try! We accept players of all experience and fitness levels!


Badassilisks Mission Statement:

The Badassilisks are a community team whose goal is to compete with Division 1 IQA Quidditch teams around the country and the world.

New York Badassilisks World Cup Pep Rally 2011 (72)

It is the responsibility of any one Badassilisk to create an inclusive, fun and competitive environment to enjoy the sport of Quidditch for their fellow teammates , potential teammates and fans and friends. Without the first two the last one is not possible.