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Are you a blue ray or indigo starseed looking to meet others for friendship and fun? Are you an old soul looking for your soul "tribe"? This group is for you!!

Blue ray beings are the oldest souls on the planet, next to the indigos. They are the founder races of Gaia and the indigos are the children of the blue rays. Both have ascended from various planets and have come to earth on a mission. As the "guardians of Gaia", many of us have lead difficult and traumatic lives and some of us with particular soul contracts and missions have experienced heavy persecution while trying to accomplish our mission. First wave indigos are the first indigos on the planet who paved the way for the other indigos. Indigos and blue rays are old soul starseeds who often have had many incarnations on earth, often times from the beginning of the planet, and have had many incarnations on other planets. Some of us have chosen to leave our friends and family as we no longer resonate with them due to the enormous amount of light we exude. Because of our multiple incarnations, often times indigo and blue ray starseeds cannot relate to other starseeds who have few incarnations and are younger souls.

This group is a social group and we will start out meeting once a month for informal discussion and possibly lunch. This group is purely social...if you are looking for a group that will host speakers and do meditations, there are plenty of other groups out there. My experience is that not all blue rays and indigos have the same spiritual practices and beliefs and I want to focus the group more on discussion and socialization.

If you are not sure if you are a blue ray or an indigo, here are some sites to learn more:





If you are a blue ray or indigo starseed, hope you decide to join our group ;)

Blessings, love and namaste!!

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Monthly Meetup

michelle's apartment

Join us for our next meeting as we share our experiences as Blue Rays, Indigos, and starseeds. As requested, there will be a topic. As of now, it is TBD. Light refreshments served. We will be meeting at the apartment of our member, Michelle. who has graciously offered her space. With that said, we have a rsvp limit of 10..Unfortunately, I have to cap it at that number so please get your rsvp in early. If you have a topic you'd like to discuss, please add it to the comments section or email me directly. If not, we will just "go with the flow" and let the members dictate what we discuss. Exact address will be sent out closer to the date and only to those who rsvp'd. Looking forward to seeing you then ;)

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Meet and Greet

michelle's apartment

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