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The purpose of this group is to facilitate technological innovation and development between the city of New York and the wider eco-system the tech industry, start-ups, non-profits, universities and residents who are interested in how to make New York in particular and cities in general better places to live with the help of technology. This group is privately managed and in no way officially or unofficially sponsored or in any other way affiliated by the City of New York. We also have City Tech Meet Ups in other cities. You can find more at https://www.citytechevents.com/

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Social Tech

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How can we use technology to address social issues? Technology has the potential to aid in many areas, how can social issues like affordable housing, homelessness, poverty etc. be addressed using technology?

Wireless networks in NY

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Rethinking wireless networks in New York. Today there are only a few widespread wireless network technologies such as WIFI and LTE available centrally administered. But there are other types of connectivity and network topologies out there that might affect the future of the city. The purpose of this event is to spotlight new ideas in this space

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Internet of Things to make NY a Smart City

APress, Inc.

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