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The purpose of this meetup is to give officers and directors of cloud service providers (Saas, PaaS, IaaS, NaaS, CaaS, FaaS, MBaaS, application developers, etc.) a forum to:

- Build business relationships with each other,

- Collaborate on projects

- Analyze industry trends, emerging technologies, risks and opportunities

- Share advice and stories

- Recommend investors, accelerators and advisers who live up to their pitch

- Discuss the best/latest co-working and shared workspaces

- Analyze potential markets

- Discuss best practices for digital marketing, staffing, back office operations, etc.

This is not a sales group. Anyone who comes is expected to be capable of sharing original insights which relate directly to cloud services and be committed to openly sharing knowledge and experience.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Fintech, Agritech, Edtech, Foodtech, Cleantech, Greentech, Adtech, Wearable Tech, Biotech, Healthtech, Insurtech, Proptech, Retailtech, Traveltech

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