What we're about

Calling All Entrepreneurs and people in Small Business.

Are you curious about getting your business to thrive, and with more ease?

This will be the premier business networking and educational group in NY.

Our members are entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors, and those starting businesses, who want to network and collaborate with others, and also learn tools to grow their businesses.

The Purpose of This Group is for You to:

1. Surround yourself in a positive business community, where you can network, meet other business owners and entrepreneurs, find new customers, strategic alliances/joint ventures, referral sources, investors, and make new friends.

2. Get the insider’s education: learn new skills and tools that will grow your business so you can thrive in any economy.

3. Share resources with other entrepreneurs and small business owners, so no one has to reinvent the wheel. It’s all about working smart, not hard---and leveraging your time and resources.

Your Organizer

My name is Dana Garrison and I’m your Organizer; I am an entrepreneur and small business owner, and I help business owners reach six figures and beyond. I'm also a business speaker and trainer, and speak on topics that help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their business, their reach, and their profits.

I will also support you in growing your business, meeting new prospects, and creating new alliances with other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And yes, I will help you love sales and marketing, and find ease and joy in it (and a high close ratio to boot!)

Our Community

Let's build this to be one of the largest business and entrepreneur meet up groups in NY, because the more entrepreneurs and small business owners we have, the larger network you have to grow your business.

The more business owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators you know, the more choices and possibilities you have.

The foundation of this group is to support each other in growing, and have fun along the way.

Help Spread the Word

I will market this group, and I would love if you would help spread the word about this group too, and send your business and entrepreneur friends this link: https://www.meetup.com/NY-Entrepreneur-and-Small-Business-MeetUp

We all succeed through community, so let’s get together and create win/wins.

Start Networking Now

After you click the join button, please introduce yourself. You can start networking right away!

And please fill out the 2 quick questions so we have a place to meet, and so I know what topics are most important for you, to help you grow your business.

Join now, and become part of the inner circle of movers and shakers.

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