5th FW meetup: CircuitPython talk/workshop + pizza + beer


Hey everyone,

It's time for our next firmware meetup on Feb. 19th (Tuesday). Brent Rubell of Adafruit will introduce us to CircuitPython with demo and workshop on some cool hardware.

If you want to try out CircuitPython, there'll be plenty of boards to hack on. Bring a laptop and please install the Mu Editor (https://codewith.mu/) beforehand.

Title: Slither into Open Source Software/Hardware with CircuitPython

Bio: Brent is a computer engineer working for Adafruit Industries on the Creative Engineering team. His work sits on the intersection between embedded software development and online content creation.

This meetup is hosted by Tomorrow Lab. Ted and his team at TL have helped design and build lot of hardware products. Feel free to check some of their awesome products too.


6:30-6:50pm: Network, pizza and drinks

6:50-7:00pm: Announcements

7:00-7:45pm: CircuitPython

7:45-8:15pm: Network while finishing off remaining pizza and beer.