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Stuart Popejoy on "Composing (Music) in Haskell"

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Stuart Popejoy on "Composing (Music) in Haskell"

Why use Haskell to write music? Algorithmic/generative techniques have much to offer the composer, but you need an expressive language with good libraries and the ability to generate MIDI and/or scores. This talk introduces the "fadno" libraries, which offer a polymorphic Note type, output to MusicXML and MIDI, and support for using braids in music composition. I also demonstrate the methods used for composing works with examples of performed and released musical compositions.


Stuart Popejoy is a musician and software engineer in Brooklyn, NY. He is an active player in the NYC creative music scene, leading the avant-metal band "Bassoon" and participating in numerous improv, jazz and noise projects. Notable collaborators include Sarah Bernstein, Mick Barr, Kris Davis, Ches Smith, Ron Anderson, Chris Cochrane and Brian Chase.

625 Avenue of Americas, 2nd Floor · New York, NY
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