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This meetup is for anyone innovating within an established company (big or small). Maybe you are trying to bring Lean Startup or Agile into your development process within a larger organization. Or maybe you are trying to create a skunkworks team within your company to create a new product or service.

Discuss issues, and discover how to inspire the case for change!

Lean Startup and Agile aren't solely for startups. Established companies can have true innovation on both small and large scales. Let's get together and share experiences of what it means to be an Intrapreneur, what we have learned and how we can continue to create and embrace change.

Want to know what it means to be an Intrapreneur, here's a great Forbes article on the topic - http://www.forbes.com/sites/onmarketing/2012/05/21/move-over-entrepreneurs-here-come-the-intrapreneurs/. It states "An intrapreneur is someone who has an entrepreneurial streak in his or her DNA, but chooses to align his or her talents with a large organization in place of creating his or her own."

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