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This group is for anyone who thinks they fall on the aromantic spectrum, or anyone who is curious to explore the concept. We will be holding discussions and fun social events every month in NY and NJ! If you are not totally familiar with aromanticism, the following information may help you:

An aromantic person ("Aro") is someone who does not experience romantic attraction or a desire for romantic relationships. Alternatively, some call themselves "gray-aromantic" (they rarely experience romantic attraction), or demiromantic (they experience romantic attraction only after a strong bond is established through friendship).

Aromantic individuals vary widely when it comes to desire for/comfort with physical affection in their relationships. Many aromantic people also identify as asexual, however, that is not always the case. Some aromantic people are allosexual. (They experience sexual attraction.) Some aromantic people are physically affectionate with people of any sex/gender (by giving hugs and kisses, holding hands, etc.), even if they are heterosexual or homosexual (they only seek sexual intimacy with one sex/gender).

Some aromantic people seek long-term queerplatonic partnerships with one or more friends, while some do not. Some seek to cohabit with those partners and/or have children with them, while some do not.

Many aromantic people cannot tell the difference between "romantic love" and other kinds of love (they may be "quoiromantic").

Many aromantic people do not wish to use phrases such as "only a friend" or "more than a friend," because they believe romance is not superior to friendship. Many aromantic people will not use the term "friends with benefits," because they believe that it is okay for friendship to contain sex without a need to redefine the relationship.

You may join this group even if you are not 100% sure as to whether or not you are on the aromantic spectrum. However, please be advised that this group is not for anyone who believes in and/or practices romantic supremacy. This group is also not for asexuals who definitely consider themselves to be romantic. If you are a romantic asexual, there is another meetup in the same area for you (NY Aces).

Here are some resources:

Identity, Attraction, Relationship Terms - https://thethinkingasexual.com/wordpress.com/identity-attraction-relationship-terms/

Resources for Aros - https://thethinkingasexual.wordpress.com/resources-for-aros

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