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This group is for everyone working in Natural Language Processing technologies and applications. Our New York City meetings provide opportunities to hear about and present innovative work and research, to learn about emerging technologies, network, and exchange ideas and brainstorm, and we also meet online so this group is for everyone! Topics include machine learning, computational linguistics, text analytics, speech processing, conversational systems, sentiment and emotion AI, and search and applications in finance, customer experience, online and social media, health sciences, and more.

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Talk to me! Text2SQL conversations with your company’s data.

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Janna Lipenkova from HelloTwin.ai will present "Talk to me! Text2SQL conversations with your company’s data" online on December 6, 2022.

ABSTRACT: As companies become ever more data-driven, the need for tools that deliver democratic access to the facts escalates. Yet only a small community of experts can harness the power of query tools like SQL (and even they need to invest time studying all the database structures for their sources).

Conversational interfaces provide a much more intuitive and engaging way for anyone to interact with data. But while they are promising, “chatting with your data” brings the non-trivial challenge of encoding natural-language questions to an intermediary encoding algorithm.

This talk will focus on Text2SQL, a major stepping stone toward seamless data access across the company. After a brief review of the history and main NLP challenges for Text2SQL, I will present a new approach to query known database schemas with large language models, and share our experiences designing database structures that improve Text2SQL performance.

SPEAKER: After a PhD in Computational Linguistics and several NLP adventures in academia and industry, Janna Lipenkova founded her own analytics business that provides companies with insights from unstructured data. She regularly speaks and publishes for major conferences and journals in Data Science and NLP and leads her own blog (jannalipenkova.com). Janna's current interests are focussed around Conversational AI and democratising data access across the organisation.

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We are grateful for meetup support provided by Arria NLG, providing AI that transforms structured data into natural language; Basis Technology, building AI solutions for analyzing text, connecting data silos, and discovering digital evidence; Kensho, AI & machine learning driving essential intelligence; and John Snow Labs, publisher of the Spark NLP, an open source text processing library for Python, Java, and Scala.

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