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Welcome to the NY Tri-State Real Estate Investor Wholesaling Meetup

Are you a real estate investor? Are you in real estate? Have you ever thought about real estate? Are you struggling to do your first deal? Are you broke? Are you bored? Are you lonely?

Come to the meeting and learn the fundamentals of real estate wholesaling; deal structure, building a buyers list, marketing for motivated sellers, how to co-wholesale deals, how to write a contract, how to speak with seller, how to network and much more! Surround yourself with like minded, high quality entrepreneurs who are actually doing deals in today's competitive Tri-State area markets.

We are focused on wholesaling and Virtual wholesaling Real Estate in the New York Tri-State area and beyond.

The Organizers have over 16 years experience in the industry, have worked with the Nations TOP Real Estate Investing and Education Companies rated by Inc Magazine. Including Real Estate Worldwide, Memphis Invest and Fortune Builders. We are also Business Coaches in a Nationwide coaching program that helps other new and experiences real estate wholesalers / investors throughout the country.

• Our primary goals are education, information and deal sharing.

• We believe in a mentality of abundance and empowering your success.

• We welcome everyone who has an interest in Real Estate Investing.

Each meeting features guest speakers and education on critical aspects of wholesaling. Participants are encouraged to share insight and wholesaling tips with the group.

*Members are encouraged to bring any current or future deals to the Meetups so you can leverage the community, get your deals sold, and Get yourself to "PROFIT" fast!

People of all experience levels will benefit from participation in NYREW, and we always welcome those new to wholesaling or real estate investing. NYREW also welcomes cash buyers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others as members who can regularly bring deeply discounted properties to the meetings.

I can guarantee you that if you come to the meetings someone in the group will do a deal in the 10 weeks. Will you be the first?

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