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What we’re about

This is an adventure cycling club of like-minded individuals passionate about bicycles, travel, and camping.

On our trips you will bike into the woods, set up your camp, have a great time with brilliant people, sleep and then bike back home in the morning.

Sometimes we ride direct from our doorsteps in NYC, sometimes we jump on trains and occasionally we might even jump on a plane. Call it bike touring, bikepacking, randonneuring, ultra-distance - whatever you like - we love it all and we’d love you to join us.

Joining the club (it’s completely free - just click the button)  will give you access to all our events, and also access to our Slack group - where you will find over 500 members chatting everyday about their next big adventures.

Meetup events include group rides, overnight trips, seminars, socials, etc. Any/all are welcome to join and attend.

Our home on the web is here:
Find our podcast here:
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NOTE: We are in no way associated with any other organization or bike shop. We are NOT affiliated with Adventure Cycling Association. We are NYC/ADV.