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Note New Venue!! DIY Pairs Trading for Beginners

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Or, 15 minutes could earn you 15% a year (in trading returns) or more!

As a frequent NYC Algo Trading meetup attendee Gary Chan came to us with an idea to do a meetup session for beginner algo traders. His feedback on some of our past sessions was that, while fascinating and informative, the strategies covered were often not easily implemented by the audience because of the costs of proprietary data and the large capital requirements needed in order to trade baskets of stocks. We loved this idea and told him to run with it.

Gary's presentation will focus on the basics of modeling pairs trading strategies with tools and data that are freely accessible on the web, and can be traded with relatively low (<$30k) capital requirements. Gary's assertion that he can teach the audience how to download data and get a strategy tested all in under 15 minutes inspired the Geico-rip off subtitle. We are looking forward to seeing Gary pull that off - and hope that we will see you there too!

Speaker Bio:

Gary Chan is a poker player turned algo-trader. He started programming at the age of 11 and became a little sidetracked after learning that he could win consistently at poker. This eventually led him into the stock market and the world of investing. He is now currently running an automated trading system out of his apartment using a statistical arbitrage, pairs trading strategy.