What we're about

Workshop on Buying and Selling Art, Design, and Collectibles (from a collector's experiences in the primary and secondary art markets). For those wanting to learn about flipping art, design, collectibles, for the inheritors / caregivers of an estate personal contents, and for those curious about the wonderful world of the art marketplaces.

Agenda (to include):

- Introductions including your interests - art, design, collectible

- Background on sharing my collecting experiences

- Definitions and strategies

- Learn how to discover value in art, design, collectibles

- Learn how to buy and sell through geo-arbitrage

- Walkthroughs from the buy side to the sell side

- Discover where the 'farms' are from local sources to rest of world online estate auctions

- Learn to sell through others from the local to rest of world auctions

- Live demo of 'farming' an online estate auction for a buy (and finding comparables to sell)

- Where (local and global) to access affordable collectable Contemporary Art and Design

- Resources for Research

- Plus the "1" email list to be on for the contemporary art world !

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