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The Weekly Bio-Hackers MeetUp: We're Going International
This Monday we officially send our digital tentacles across the ocean and share our unique, if strange way of life with the forward thinking nation of Holland and by extension much of the rest of the planet. Brandpunt+ (The Dutch version of our 60 Minutes) will be bringing their camera(s) and innovative program to our humble little group of incorrigible geniuses. Because of this unusual opportunity to share our mission with our new Dutch friends we have planned to demo an invention that hacks our 6th & 7th senses as human beings (“Equilibrioception": balance, gravity & “Proprioception": body awareness). The inventor, (Craig Weltha) calls it The Weltha B.A.R.Ph. (Bio-Applied Rotational Physics) Board. Craig will be joining us to demo this insanely challenging and engaging device and if you want a preview on how it works and the bio-hacks behind its benefits check out his FB page "Spinning Man USA - aka Craig Weltha". We will meet at the usual place: Idea Coffee at the corner of 5th Avenue and 28th Street (246 5th Ave) and then head to the Carpe VM studio to demo these really intriguing bio-hacking devices including The Weltha Board, the “HeartMath Inner Balance" smart biofeedback sensor and more. Please visit our webpage for this event for live links and more info here: Please RSVP through this MeetUp as we need to know how many will be attending and who to contact if the plan should change. We look forward to having you join the conversation and share it with our growing community.

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What goes on at The NYC Biohackers, Nootropics & Limitless MeetUps? We are investigating the latest in cutting edge breakthroughs in biohacking and nootropics. In other words, we are good and busy becoming "Limitless". (read Alan Glynn's 2001 novel "The Dark Fields" or see Neil Burger's 2011 motion picture adaptation "Limitless ("). Have you ever tried BulletProof Coffee? Would you find it interesting to put a hemispherical brain entrainment device on your head and get "synchronized? What about brewing tea with Lion's Mane mushroom ( powder or adding Phosphatidylserine ( to your nootropic stack? Let's get together and trail blaze, share experiences and engage technologies old and new. It's our mission to examine and create advances in the science and art of bio-alchemy. Check out our website: and discover our mission (

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Are You a Hackstronaut? ( If you have ever fixed anything while voiding its warranty… If you have ever built a multitool out of a wire hanger… If you have ever filled a gelatin capsule with your own recipe of supplements… If you have ever studied your own blood-work more than your doctor… If you’ve ever taken two good products and made one excellent one… If you have ever coded, modded, overclocked, rooted, tore down or rebuilt something that was in otherwise perfect working order you might be a Hackstronaut ( So come and meet this community of creative malcontents and see if you are one of us. “Gooble-Gobble.” Points if you can name the reference.

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