Ending Age-Related Diseases: Research Advances from the world class scientists

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This 2 day conference is organized by Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, non-profit that supports scientific research on aging.


The goal of this conference is to promote multidisciplinary collaboration in order to foster the development of next-generation drugs and therapies that directly target the processes of aging and thus have the potential to prevent and cure age-related diseases.

The past decade has seen enormous progress in our understanding of why we age, and with the first therapies targeting aging entering human clinical trials, the nascent rejuvenation biotechnology industry appears to be an inevitable part of the relatively near future. Join the leading researchers, investors, longevity advocates, and other forward-thinking people who are discussing this emerging technology.

The list of speakers includes
Dr. Aubrey de Grey (SENS Research Foundation),
Dr. Judith Campisi (The Buck Institute for Research on Aging),
Dr. Vadim Gladyshev (Harvard Medical School),
Dr. Michael Bonkowski (Harvard Medical School),
Dr. Morgan Levine (Yale School of Medicine),
Dr. Ronald Kohanski (National Institute of Aging, NIA),
Dr. Vera Gorbunova (University of Rochester), and others.

Several rejuvenation biotechnology companies, such as
Ichor Therapeutics,
Intervene Immune,
Oisin Biotechnologies, and
Repair Biotechnologies,

will present their projects and share their insights about when the first anti-aging technologies will hit the market. There will be sessions devoted to investment prospects; there, the representatives of several venture funds will share their views on accelerating the development of a longevity industry.

You can find the conference site with the draft program here.

If you think that the event might be of interest to you, feel free to check the tickets on Eventbrite - you can take advantage of the Early Bird price before March 31.


The organizer of this conference is the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports scientific research on aging and longevity via its own crowdfunding platform, Lifespan.io. If you wish to learn more about the current state of longevity research, feel free to check our column for interviews with the leading researchers of aging.