What we're about

This is a group for fans of Boggle and Scrabble. We play Big Boggle with the 5 X 5 grid and the new SUPER BIG BOGGLE with a 6 X 6 grid and a four minute timer. We also play Scrabble and on occasion, Super Scrabble, with 200 letters and a bigger board. Meetups will take place in Manhattan at various locations.

Where Scrabble is concerned, we tend to play casual Scrabble games, not tournament style games. This means you're allowed to check the dictionary before placing a word, you can use the cheat sheet or poo list. Just as long as you're not checking more than two words per turn, that's fine. On occasion, we also play a Scrabble game with three or four players.

This group is NOT sponsored by Hasbro or any other game company, though the games we play are mostly by them.

Past events (202)

Saturday Boggle & Scrabble

Essen Slow Fast Food

Sunday Boggle & Scrabble

Bread & Butter

Saturday Boggle & Scrabble

Bread and Butter

Saturday Boggle & Scrabble

Boston Market

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