Building smart bots with data analytics, machine learning, Spark and Cassandra


For this meetup we are excited to be joined by Hanneli Tavante, who is a developer addicted to code, learn new programming languages.

What You'll Learn At This Meetup:

Why bots? Bots can be used in many scenarios - auto replies on IRC, Slack, Github and so on. But bots can also be used to help you on daily tasks!

Depending on your routine, smart bots may be able to reply emails, answer questions on chat, remind you to do some activities and so on. Bots can be much more than a Devops Friend tool!

This talk is going to talk a little bit about how to identify situations that a bot could help you, possible ways to build them, the challenges and the some things that may go wrong.

Some topics:

- Bots: helping me to avoid some mechanical or repetitive tasks since 2009

- My first (dummy) bots

- First attempt to make bots smarter - the brute force way

- Collecting data to feed bots intelligence

- Cassandra and Spark - essential tools to collect several analogical events and turn them into data

- Interpreting the results - applying some mathematics on it

- Making smart bots with some machine learning basics

- Real case - put bots to manage meetups- Points to improve

- Where could you apply this idea?

- Some epic fails

- Notes on security and other issues

About Hanneli Tavante:

Hanneli (@hannelita) is a developer addicted to code, learn new programming languages, blow capacitors, do some C programming and commit useful (or not) code for random Open Source Projects that she finds at Github. She tries to help community with blog posts and organising NoSQL, programming languages and Math/Physics/Science meetups around the globe. She also likes Math, Lego, dogs, hardware and coffee.