What we're about

NYC Category Theory is a group for people interested in studying Category Theory (CT) together.

One of our purposes is to meet and read basic texts in Category Theory such as Conceptual Mathematics by William Lawvere (for now just this one). We'll move on to progressively more advanced texts and hopefully down the line, we'll make it to MacLane's Categories for the Working Mathematician or Borceux's books.

Our other purpose will be to explore applied CT with texts including Category Theory for the Sciences by David Spivak, An Invitation to Applied Category Theory by Spivak and Brendan Fong, Tool and Object by Ralph Kromer, to name a few. We'll be working on exercises together so we can build a useful foundation in applied CT together.

One specific application I hope to explore is to use Category Theory in Consciousness Studies. One possible project for the future might be to explore Giulio Tononi's Integrated Information Theory (IIT) of Consciousness from a CT perspective using resources from Spivak's books and courses. Another direction might be to read Bob Coecke's and Aleks Kissinger's book Picturing Quantum Processes, which functions as a detailed course in a Diagrammatic Calculus for Categorical Linear Algebra as well as an introduction to Quantum Mechanics. The group is also open to other directions depending on what group members want to do.

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Reading Group (Lawvere's Conceptual Mathematics)

Olympic Tower public atrium

We'll revisit exercise 12 from session 15. Then read sessions 16 and 17 and tak3 a stab at the four exercises and the "test" at the end of session 17.

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Reading Group (Lawvere's Conceptual Mathematics)

Olympic Tower public atrium

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