September 2015 D3.js Talks

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Special thanks to our sponsors Pivotal Labs for help with the September 2015 meetup!

Two amazing D3.js Talks:

Talk 1:

Title: Building Visualizations for Dynamic Behavioral Data

Description: Andrew will talk about how he has used D3 for visualizing and exploring data describing interaction and coordination between people in various contexts. He will cover two projects - one in learning how teams of different sizes work together, and another on the behavior of people in a month-long prisoner's dilemma study. Much of the talk will involve demos of interactive web apps using D3, with plenty of time for questions and feedback. Andrew will also talk about the overarching goals of the research lab and these positions for who is interested.

Bio: Andrew Mao is a postdoc at Microsoft Research in NYC, where he is studying collective intelligence on the Internet, such as teamwork in online communities and coordination in crowdsourcing systems. He specializes in novel experimental techniques on the Internet and in gathering data from real-time, interactive, web-based behavioral experiments.

Note: Microsoft Research NYC is also currently hiring for several positions with a focus on data science and computational social science.

Talk 2:

Title: Exploring Campaign Finance Donations with D3

Description: I took 25 years of federal campaign finance data and made a visualization system out of it! Come check it out!

Bio: Solomon Kahn runs the data team at Paperless Post, and is a Technology and Democracy Fellow at the Harvard University Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.

Note: Paperless Post is hiring for both junior and senior data positions, so if you're interested, please get in touch, either in person, or through the Paperless Post jobs page:

6:45pm - Door opens + socializing
7:05pm - Announcements + Welcome
7:10pm - Group Meet & Greet
7:15pm - Andrew Mao - Talk
7:30pm - Break for snacks & bathroom
7:40pm - Solomon Kahn - Talk
8:00pm - Final Thoughts + Thanks