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February 2016 D3.js Meetup

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Two exciting presentations for our February Meetup!

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Talk 1:

Pan Wangperawong

Title: D3+React - Build and Manage Large Sophisticated Visual Applications

Description: Come learn how D3 can be used in conjunction with React to build and manage large sophisticated visual applications beyond a single standalone visualization.

Bio: Pan is a Research Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Research. His focus is on building web applications using JavaScript in combination with other open source software to aid research in the area of computational social science. He studied computer science at the University of Southern California and University of Edinburgh. You could learn more about him at ( He is also helping some companies discover passionate users to give FREE swag (shirts, sweaters, etc). Yes FREE! If you find yourself being enthusiastic about a company and/or product definitely sign up for the private beta at (

Talk 2:

Nicolas Fernandez

Title: Clustergrammer: A Web-based Visualization Tool for Making and Sharing Interactive Clustered Heatmaps

Description: Hierarchically clustered heatmaps are a popular visualization method used in biomedical research to display large biological data sets, such as genome-wide expression. Clustergrammer is a web-based matrix visualization tool, built using D3, that enables users to easily generate highly-interactive (zooming, reordering, searching, and filtering) and shareable clustergram-heatmap visualizations. Clustergrammer also provides dynamic visualizations for several other web-apps in the Ma’ayan lab. The presentation will address the motivations behind the project, how D3 was used to build the visualization, and some of my challenges/experiences with D3 along the way. Clustergrammer can be found at and is an open source project available on GitHub.

Bio: Nicolas Fernandez is a postdoc in Avi Ma’ayan’s lab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and is interested in data-science and data-visualization among other things. Nicolas currently works in the field of bioinformatics (e.g. gene expression analysis) and has a background in modeling stochastic biological systems. Nicolas holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a BS in Physics from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Note: The Ma’ayan lab ( ( is currently hiring developers. Also, Nicolas will be on the job market this winter.