September D3.js Meetup 2016

NYC D3.js
NYC D3.js
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Join us for an interesting talk this month.

Talk 1

Title: Implementing Good Design

Description: Mike Bostock, the creator of D3.JS, has repeatedly described [data visualization] design as a “search problem”. In this talk we establish what that means, then move on to discuss some strategies for addressing this problem that can help make us better and more efficient designers.

Bio: Aleksey Bilogur is a student, open data enthusiast (of ), and former intern with the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics.

Talk 2

Title: TextTile - An Interactive Visualization Tool for Seamless Exploratory Analysis of Structured Data and Unstructured

Description: We present TextTile, a data visualization tool for investigation of datasets and questions that require seamless and flexible analysis of structured data and unstructured text. This condition happens in many practical applications, such as customer relationship analysis, investigative journalism, and survey research, in which such data configuration is very common (e.g., structured user responses plus open-ended text, or customer reviews plus user profiles). TextTile is based on real-world data analysis problems gathered through our interaction with a number of domain experts and provides a general purpose solution to such problems. The system integrates a set of operations that can interchangeably be applied to the structured as well as to unstructured text part of the data to generate useful data summaries. Such summaries are then organized in visual tiles in a grid layout to allow their analysis and comparison.

Bio: Cristian Felix is a Ph.D. Candidate at NYU. His research focuses on data visualization techniques for text analysis, researching techniques that allow seamless exploration of unstructured text and associated structured data.