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Dungeons and Dragons is the most popular tabletop role-playing game of all time. The game is played with about 6 players. One person takes the role of storyteller, AKA the Dungeon Master, and narrates the story in a medieval fantasy world filled with magic, monsters, romance, intrigue, and adventure. The rest of the players take on the roles of individual fictional characters and explore that world, often becoming heroes in the story. The story is like a completely interactive "choose your own adventure" book. Different shaped dice are used to determine the outcome of attempted actions.

Scheduling games of D&D is a little more complicated than just showing up for a game. There are three different ways people assemble to play D&D.

We have the "open to all" meetups that are on the first Saturday of the month in Manhattan and the third Sunday of the month in Brooklyn.

We have the RPGA Organized Play meetups which are every Tuesday night.

We have "Campaign Gaming" where DMs run longer adventures that span several weeks.

Please read this http://www.meetup.com/NYC-DND/messages/boards/thread/4217607 on the message board for more clarification. We schedule most of our games using the http://www.rpgconnect.org/ site, so it will be helpful if you Sign-Up there using the same display name as the one you used here.


Upcoming events (5+)

D&D 5th Edition Origins: A beginners Campaign - Hosted by Hex&Co.

NOTICE: This event requires advanced registration! Meetup RSVP will not guarantee seats! Sign up at: http://www.hexnyc.com/originst (This Meetup will meet weekly for two weeks) Do you enjoy watching and listening your favorite internet stars play D&D every week? Can your friends not stop talking about how amazing the game is? Ready to get into the action yourself? Join us for epic adventure and learn the ins and outs of the most popular RPG system in the world! Our professional staff Dungeon Masters will craft you a fantastic game experience while teaching you the basics of the D&D 5th Edition rule set. Your campaign will run for two weeks, where you will discover and play through a unique story created just for you and your party by your Dungeon Master. Guided by their experienced hand, you will also gain competency with RPG (Role Playing Games) rules and role-play. All necessary materials are provided with price of registration, but players are welcome to bring personal RPG materials from home. Play in comfort at our professional play space in Morningside Heights, minutes from the 1 Train 110th Cathedral Parkway stop. While playing enjoy our Cold drinks, craft beers, coffee, sandwiches, pastries, and more from our in-store cafe! Sign up today, seats are limited! Registration is $30 for a two-week campaign. NOTICE: signups through meetup RSVP will not reserve seats. Sign up Link: http://www.hexnyc.com/originst For more information please Email us at: [masked]

The Brooklyn Strategist Presents: D&D Encounters

The Brooklyn Strategist

**You must email [masked] to reserve your seat. Any RSVPs placed on Meetup will be considered a walk-in.** D&D Encounters is a weekly casual meetup for adults at The Brooklyn Strategist on Court & Sackett. Our store can supply all necessary items for play, but players are welcome to bring their own character sheets and materials. We encourage players to come back every week to continue their adventure with the same party, but consistent attendance is not expected or mandatory. Entry fee is $10. Store passes can be purchased for $80, which covers 10 sessions of play. Play begins around 7:15pm and ends at 10:30pm. Late arrivals and early exits should try to notify their DM in advance, but are rarely a problem. Encounters welcomes brand-new players every week, so don't hesitate to jump into one of our tables with no prior RPG experience. Adventure Awaits!

D&D Encounters - Hosted by Hex & Company - Beginners Welcome!

Notice! We have limited space - RSVPS on meetup do not guarantee seating! New players are encouraged to come in at 6:00pm to grab an early spot on our seating wait-list. This event is for ages 18 and up only! Join us for adventure with D&D encounters! There's mischief afoot in Waterdeep! Word on the street is there's treasure to be found for the bold and the daring - but only if you can best your unscrupulous competition! As shadowy organizations vie for supremacy, what choices will you make in this treasure-hunt for the ages? Backstabbing self servitude, honorable thievery, or perhaps the treasure may best be used in the hands of a charitable soul? No matter your background or goals, this opportunity can't be missed! Join the team, synchronize your sundials, and attempt the Dragon Heist! Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is the newest adventure book release for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, the most popular role playing game in the world. D&D Encounters is a weekly casual meetup for adults. Our store can supply all necessary items for play, but players are welcome to bring their own character sheets and materials. We encourage players to come back every week to continue their adventure with the same party, but consistent attendance is not expected or mandatory. The entry fee for this event is $10, $5 for students. Encounters meets every Wednesday from 7pm-10:45pm. Hex and Company is located minutes from the Columbia College campus on Broadway and 112th. While you play enjoy full service from our in-house cafe, including pastries, pressed sandwiches, tea, and coffee! For more information or questions, please contact: [masked]

D&D 5E - AL

The Compleat Strategist

This is the ongoing 5e D&D campaign at the Compleat Strategist for players 18 and over. We are limited to two tables. Players must sign up ahead of time. Additionally, players must bring their own copy of the Player's Handbook, their own dice, and their own mini. Players must have a DCI number. (If you don't have one you can register for one at the WOTC website.) On the Thursday or Friday before the game, an email will go out reminding registered players of the current table levels.

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D&D 5E - AL

The Compleat Strategist

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