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Google and Spotify Engineers on the Google Cloud Platform

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(Note: Special thanks to our friends at the NYC Hadoop Meetup ( & the Google Cloud Platform Meetup ( for partnering with us on this event!)

We have an exciting meetup this month! We're fortunate to have talks from Google and Spotify engineers on the Google Cloud Platform (including Dataflow/Beam) and practical ways you can take advantage of its power now.

Talk 1 - Scio, a new Scala API for Google Cloud Dataflow

Neville Li, Spotify

About the talk:

Learn about Scio, a Scala API for Google Cloud Dataflow (incubated as Apache Beam). Apache Beam offers a simple, unified programming model for both batch and streaming data processing while Scio brings it much closer to the high level API many data engineers are familiar with, e.g. Spark and Scalding. Neville will cover design and implementation of the framework, including features like type safe BigQuery macros, REPL, and serialization. There will also be some live coding demo.


Neville is a software engineer at Spotify who works mainly on data infrastructure and tools for machine learning and advanced analytics. In the past few years he has been driving the adoption of Scala and new data tools for music recommendation, including Scalding, Spark, Storm and Parquet. Before that he worked on search quality at Yahoo! and old school distributed systems like MPI.

Talk 2 - Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow

Reuven Lax, Google

About the talk:

We will cover the Beam programming model, and the advantages of hosted Google Cloud Dataflow.


Reuven has been a Google engineering since 2006. In that time, he's been instrumental in building Google's streaming data-processing systems from MillWheel to Cloud Dataflow.


6:30pm - Doors open & food/drinks
7:00pm - Talks
8:00pm - Q/A
8:15pm - Additional socializing w/ speakers & other awesome data engineers