Shaping your design system, hosted at Datadog!


Our next meetup will be hosted by Datadog!

We'll have 3 lightning talks followed by Q&A, with social time before and after talks. Food and drinks provided thanks to our hosts Datadog.


**Nicole Yeo**
Nicole Yeo is the Director of Product Design at Artsy, where she leads the team in crafting meaningful experiences that deepen the way people engage with art. She previously built tools to empower creators at Kickstarter, a platform for storied objects at The Line, and designed for the intersection of brand, product, and service at Method.

**Derek Howles**
Derek spent 9 years in North Carolina doing multi-disciplinary marketing and product design before joining Datadog in 2015. On the product design team at Datadog he works on UI and UX design, product strategy, design systems and data viz.

**Carl Nelson**
Carl has had a passion for design systems and tools since the beginning of his career a decade ago. He worked on some of the early patterns that went into Salesforce's Lightning Design System, established key design patterns on GE's Predix UI, and designed and product owned Clever's design system Dewey from scratch. He also loves coffee, weightlifting, and lindy hop.


6:30 – doors open
7:00–8:00 – lightning talks with Q&A
8:00–9:00 – networking time