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Exploring design systems @ Justworks

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Exploring design systems @ Justworks


In this meetup we'll explore different aspects of design systems. From trade-offs, to adoption within your organization, and how approaching design systems as tools might inform the way you build them. We'll have 3 interesting perspectives from industry professionals that will hopefully inspire conversation and resonate with your own experience.

Doors open 6.30pm, talks begin 7pm.

We'll have 3 sets of lightning talks on design systems, with refreshments provided by our host. Check out our fantastic speakers:

**Rune Madsen** of Design Systems International & author of

**Chelsea Otakan**, Product Design Manager at Stripe, supporting the design systems team

**Max Haarhaus** & **Chris Carbo** from the Justworks design systems team (and our lovely hosts!)
55 Water St · New York, NY
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