What we're about

Q: What is this meetup?

A: This is a bar meetup for music producers, songwriters, and musicians who are interested in making music with computers or electronic devices. It’s 1/3 social group, 1/3 support group, and 1/3 networking event.

Q: How often do you have events?

A: Approximately once a month on average

Q: What exactly do you do at these things? Just sit around and talk about nerdy computer music stuff and drink beer?

A: Yes, precisely.

Q: Why don’t you have other types of events?

A: If you want to co-organize a particular type of event, get in touch with me.

Q: Is there online version of this community?

There's a Discord server (https://discord.gg/Sb5ZvHc)you can join, and you can get in touch with me for the link to the Facebook group.

FULL FAQ AND GROUP INFO AT: http://tinyurl.com/edmfaq

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