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Science at the bar (joint meeting) joint meeting with this group above. documentary and drinks. drink as much or little as you like... enjoy. (sparkling water is ok too :)


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Meet other fans of Darwin and the Amateur Astronomers Association, to discuss the basic principles or latest insights, on evolution and science trending topics.

Evolution is one of the most beautiful and profound insights into the universe our species has, and it is to be joyously celebrated and observed: "Wonderful Life", as Steven Jay Gould said. The panoply of life, is as a wondrous a thing to observe for itself--rather than indulging in cosmic egocentrism--as the gas pillars in the Eagle Nebula.

We are interested in the subject of evolution, as a fact and the multivariate ways it influences and is manifested in our universe... scientifically, artistically, historically, philosophically, politically.

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