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Use this open meeting to Introduce Yourself, Share News and any Filmmaking Wants and Needs. Our next meeting will be scene study and shot selection practice Mid-July.

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    The goal of this meetup group is make good films. Filmmaking is not an easy task and requires people who are dedicated to the art form and willing to work hard to improve in their craft. With that said, you can only learn so much about filmmaking from reading books (which is helpful in its own right), or going to film school (very expensive/time intensive)... but the best way is improve is to get involved in the whole process numerous times (Director Robert Rodriguez made thirty shorts before making his first full length feature, El Mariachi ). Numerous successful filmmakers all say the same thing, go out there and keep making movies. It is our hope that by repeatedly making good little films, with tiny or non-existent budgets, we will become better in this craft. So bring what talent you have and more importantly, your passion, ideas and creativity and let’s see what we can do.

    Special Appeal to Screenwriters: We especially would like to see writers show up to our meetings because it is your stories we are trying to shoot. If you have an appealing short that you would like to see made, why not submit it? The scripts we select are usually done by group vote. Once it is selected, we will do our best to bring it to life in a way that does justice to your story.

    Important information for Actors: We provide the raw video clips of to all actors as well as a copy of the finished short for your reel. As put by a casting director,"Not having [a current actors reel] absolutely decreases an actor's chances of getting hired. It looks like you've never worked in film or television. And what better way to see how an actor looks on film than to see their reel?"
    - Mark Sikes, casting director

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