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What adventures await you within the urban jungle? NYC Fur is a hub for any Furry to create meetups within and around the city. Discover new animal friends, enjoy hanging out with them: that's what we do.

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Roller Skate furs and Dinner

Pier 2 Roller Rink

Have you ever wanted to do something fun yet new? Try roller skating! If you fall, that's okay.

$10 admission and $7 for skate rentals.
($6 dollars for roller skate walkers if need)

We will head over for dinner at 5pm. Place to eat will be decided by the guests who attend.

https://t.me/joinchat/SJK6ILwiqqk0MDQx for telegram group chat.

AGES 16 AND UP. No exceptions.

Fursuiting is not advised. Furry badges and furry headbands or things of that sorts are fine.

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Furs by the river Picnic

Ten Mile River Playground

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