NY Furs 10 Year Reunion!*

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10 years ago, a group of young extraordinary individuals decided it was time to unite the New York section of the furry fandom to go on crazy ass adventures. Then two months later with the help of my friends at Star Labs, it became my responsibility to carry on that legacy.

Hello NY Furs, it’s been a long time. My name is Frisky and I used to host furmeets in New York City many years ago making friends and lots of great memories along the way. With the 10th anniversary of the NY Furs FA page approaching, I thought it would be a perfect time to host a reunion for furs that are new to the group and ones that haven’t been around in forever. So whether you’ve been to multiple meets across the decade or even none at all, it would be a pleasure if you joined us. Just like old times I’ll be hosting this meet at my house which is located at Cypress Hills in Brooklyn. There we will have a day of food, drinks, games, bad movies and good times.

More details will be given out once we get closer to the date of the reunion which will be on July 27th. If you’re traveling from far and wish to have place to crash, please let me know in advance. If you have any questions or even suggestions to make the meet better, feel free to contact me. My telegram is @friskysoulwolf and my twitter is @0samabindiesel I hope to see you all there and make some brand new memories.

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