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Elmhurst, NY

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Jun 2, 2016


Greetings! Just learned about the Furry-verse this year and I am hooked! A piece of my soul knows this is who I really am after so many years. But I feel nervous and alone. Would like to be around others like me and help me believe....

Do you have a Fursona? What are you?

Yes, I have a fursuit! Partial, but so nice! Fursona? Baddest wolf this side of the Hudson!

What's your idea of an awesome Furry meet-up group?

Group discussion about new ideas, new anthro-pics, upcoming events and, most important, giving new pre-Furrys (like myself) a place to go where they won't feel ashamed and rejected- a place where one could go to embrace their inner animal without being judged; where they would be surrounded by peers who can tell them "Hey, it's ok!".....Oh, and maybe tips on buying and/or making your own outfit.......yeah.......