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HyperDex Warp, Angular JS, Heating Your House via Android

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HyperDex Warp - Bob Hancock

A light-weight, distributed, sharded data store that supports transactions over multiple keys. It combines the speed and scale advantages of NoSQL systems with the ACID guarantees that you are familiar with from traditional RDBMSs. HyperDex transactions are fully-decentralized and operate on multiple objects. It uses Google's LevelDB as its backend storage, as well as the Google CityHash and Glog libraries.

The system is distributed, sharded and concurrent, and yet it ensures that the transactions appear to have been applied to the data one after another, atomically, consistently, with isolation, and with a fault-tolerance guarantee.

The YCSB benchmarks show it to be 12x-14x faster than Cassandra for searches and 3x-4x faster for writes.

AngularJS: An Introduction - Nitya Narasimhan
AngularJS is an open-source client-side JavaScript framework developed by Misko Hevery in 2009. It has since been maintained by him at Google and seen internal and external adoption (e.g., Udacity), particularly since the v1.0 stable release in June 2012. AngularJS is the latest technology to target single page applications ( for mobile web development, enabling dynamic user experiences with minimal round-trip exchanges to the server for improved performance.

In this talk we'll look what the technology does (big features), how it does it (sample directives) and how it compares to similar frameworks. Time permitting, we'll walk through a quick demo of an AngularJS application to put some of these ideas in context.

Heating Your House via Android - Ralph Yozzo
Using Android, Arduino, and Fusion tables you can effectively heat your house. Android senses when family members are near or in the house, the server processes the data and the Arduino device adjusts the heating appropriately. All data is loaded into fusion tables to track energy usage. A crazy intelligent way of combining existing technologies to save money, energy, and help save the environment.