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Feb GDG Meetup: AngularJS & Material Design, HyperGrid & Polymer

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5:45pm Doors Open

6:00pm "HyperGrid: An Open Source HTML5 Grid Component" Speaker: Steve Wirts ( Engineer, OpenFin)


HyperGrid is an ultra-high-performance HTML5 grid component implemented using and Polymer. It was recently released as an open source project by OpenFin (, the leading provider of a secure, high performance HTML5 runtime engine for the financial industry (Chromium-based).

Besides demonstrating capabilities, usage and architecture of this flexible open-source component, Steve will talk about tricks, techniques and lessons learned on his journey toward completing this groundbreaking widget.

Speaker Bio:

Steve Wirts is a senior engineer at OpenFin. Steve previously worked at a major hedge fund, developing high performance UI’s. In his free time, he practices kung-fu and performs jazz saxophone around the NYC area.

Links: HyperGrid Demo (, HyperGrid Docs (, HyperGrid Repo (

7:00 pm "Get Involved: CS Education in NYC" Speaker: Cindy Gao ( (Chief of Staff, CSNYC)

This is a quick (5-minute) overview of the work being done by the non-profit NYC Foundation for Computer Science Education (CSNYC), and is a call to action for technologists to get involved in related programs in NYC public schools.

Links: CSNYC Foundation (

7:15pm "Material Design In Practice With AngularJS" Speaker: Daniel Zen ( (CEO, Zen Digital. Founder, AngularJS Meetup NYC)


Material Design is Google’s specification for a unified system of visual, motion, and interaction design that adapts across different devices. Available for both the web & mobile, it is the basis for the design of the upcoming Android L OS. Found out how to put Material Design’s principles & goals into practice with Angular Material, the AngularJS implementation. Experience how easy it can be to create a beautiful UX for your application using the Material metaphor.

Speaker Bio:

Daniel Zen is the CEO of Zen Digital, founder of the New York AngularJS Meetup (, a frequent lecturer, and a former consultant for Google, Pivotal Labs and various Fortune 500 companies. Zen Digital uses Agile techniques to move projects forward while continuously integrating new code and ideas, producing elegant frontend experiences and efficient backend systems for web and mobile applications.

Links: Slides from Daniel's Jan 2015 Angular NYC talk (

8:15 am: Lightning Talk

"sw-precache: A Service Workers module for offline website operation"

Speaker: Jeff Posnick ( (Google)

Jeff will talk briefly about Service Workers and show off a module that uses this capability to provide offline support for websites.

Links: sw-precache (

8:30pm Doors Close