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Mar GDG Meetup: Service Workers, Advanced Text Views and ng-conf Recap

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5:30pm Doors Open


6:00pm Announcements

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• Building a more inclusive tech community with Android (slides (, Alex Quin, Coalition4Queens (


6:15pm Feature Talk: Advanced Text Views in Android (, Chiu-Ki Chan (, Android GDE & Co-Organizer, GDG Boulder

Speaker Bio: Chiu-Ki is a mobile developer with a passion in speaking and teaching. Her mother tongue for mobile is Android, acquired while working on Android Maps at Google. Now she runs her own mobile development company, producing delightful apps such as "Monkey Write" for learning Chinese writing and "Heart Collage" for snapping photos to stitch into a heart.

Abstract: The humble TextView was there when you wrote your Hello World app. You know how to change its text size and color, perhaps its font too. But do you know that you can also put multiple font sizes in the same TextView? Highlight individual words? Embed inline images? Come and learn how to unleash the power of TextView with Span, Paint, and much more.


7:15pm Feature Talk: Service Workers ( , Jeffrey Posnick (, Google

Speaker Bio: Jeff Posnick ( is a member of Google's Open Web Developer Relations team. His current focus is on providing samples, libraries, and articles to help developers make web apps more app-y.

Abstract: Service workers are the foundation upon which the web platform's most exciting features are built. We'll start with the what/why/which (browsers) of service workers, and then dive into some specific use cases: offline, push notifications, and more!


• Introduction to Service Workers (, Matt Gaunt (12/14)

• Push Notifications on the Open Web (, Matt Gaunt (3/15)

• The Offline Cookbook (, Jake Archibald (12/14)

• Offline First, Fast, Wih the SW-Precache Module (, Jeff Posnick (2/15)

• GitHub Service Worker Samples (


8:00pm Lightning Talk:

1. ng-conf Recap (, Elçin Erkin (

Speaker Bio: Elçin Erkin ( is a software engineer at OnDeck, and has been using AngularJS on a daily basis for some time.

Abstract: ng-conf 2015 ( the flagship AngularJS conference, held in Utah, with speakers including the AngularJS team (at Google) and key community contributors. With AngularJS 2.0 on the horizon, this is a great time to understand the present and future directions of AngularJS. Elçin ( give a high level recap of key take-aways from that event.

Note that all ng-conf talks were recorded - the entire playlist can be found here (

2. "Calculating Pi at SXSW", Ray Tsang (Google)

3. Developing an Android Wear WatchFace (", Dario Laverde


8:30pm Doors Close