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The New York City Grassroots Alliance is a group of individuals and members of grassroots activist groups who work together on climate change, climate justice, and related environmental and social issues such as race and economic inequality. We also welcome as allies members of like-minded larger organizations and faith groups. During our first four+ years we focused most of our efforts on ending fracking in NYS (successfully!!), and we continue to fight fossil fuel infrastructure projects that affect NY State such as the Spectra-AIM pipeline.

As an Alliance, we are expanding our focus to include additional issues that impact climate and the environment. The intention is to provide more points of entry to our activist community since there are many more factors that contribute to climate change. These include agriculture and food (food safety, impact of droughts and floods on food, food waste, pesticides, GMOs, local food, composting), air and water quality, all sources of pollution, biodiversity, deforestation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, fossil-free transportation, nuclear power and waste, necessary lifestyle changes to reduce our negative impacts on the environment.

We address ethical and legal violations when precious air, water, food and the climate itself are threatened and, when necessary, we focus on a single time-sensitive issue, such as a corporation’s request for a project permit from a government agency. In our campaigns, we use environmental law, political engagement and support of local businesses as tools in our efforts, and include the arts in our mobilizations. We care about the impacts of climate change on mental and physical health and recognize that working to build supportive, inclusive and sustainable communities reduces the stress we all feel as we learn more about climate change.

The NYC Grassroots Alliance serves as a fulcrum for varied climate related issues. The common issue that unites us is reducing climate change. Member groups participate in organizing educational events with informative speakers and topical films. In addition, we organize and attend rallies, demonstrations and participate in public hearings about issues related to the environment. Engagement, collaboration and solidarity enable us to maintain our effectiveness.

PLEASE JOIN US! We welcome you to our meetings that take place on the first Monday of each month from 6:30 – 8:45PM at NYC Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th Street, NYC

· For information and updates about events that we and our member groups host please join our Meetup Group: https://www.meetup.com/NYC-Grassroots-Alliance .

· You can also find us owww.facebook.com/NYC-Grassroots-Alliance



Brooklyn For Peace
Bronx Climate Justice North

Citizens' Climate Lobby NYC

Earth Initiative of The Zen Center of NY, Fire Lotus Temple
Environmental Action Fund

Environment TV

Gray Panthers NYC
Green Faith
Green Sanctuary Committee, CCNY, UU

Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition

NY BCAN -- Buddhist Climate Action Network

NYC Friends of Clearwater
New York City Safe Energy Campaign
New York Climate Action Group
New York Society for Ethical Culture
Riverside Church Beloved Earth Task Force

Sane Energy Campaign

Shut Down Indian Point Now

The Climate Mobilization, NY Chapter
Trade Justice New York Metro
Transition NYC
United For Action

ALLIED EFFORTS (Non-local groups and other coalitions)

Citizens' Climate Lobby
Catskill Mountainkeeper

Food and Water Watch

IMAC (Interfaith Moral Action on Climate)
PCM-NY (Peoples' Climate Movement-New York)

WEACT (West Harlem Environmental Action)

Past events (1,080)

Zoom Event: Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) Monthly Meeting

You must join through the CCL website (see links below)

Zoom Event: Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) Monthly Meeting

You must join through the CCL website (see links below)

Zoom Event: Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) Monthly Meeting

You must join through the CCL website (see links below)