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What we’re about

This is a meet up to play Gwent in real life. This will be a community of players all using the same deck with a limited number of hero cards and special cards that must be won. I will provide the cards for this reason. There will be a specific percent of each cards presence in the community that will not change. An example: Say a specific hero card has a density of 10% -- this means that if there are 50 people in our group, 5 people will get the card. After 100 people join, I will add in 5 more of that card. 

>> To get a deck please fill out a form at << 

Here are the rules:

** You must use only the community deck, so that special card density can be regulated. We do not want inflation of special cards.

** New cards are printed with the addition of every 50 people.

** Everybody starts off with a basic deck which you must purchase from me. You can choose from Nilfgaard or Northern Realms. You will get the default Leader

** Referrals compensation in terms of the 3 following weather cards: Torrential Rain, Biting Frost & Impenetrable fog
a) The first friend you refer gets you one of the 3 weather cards from above
b) The next two friends you refer gets you another one of the 3 weather cards from above
c) The next five friends you refer gets you the the last weather card of the 3.
You don't have to refer anyone to get a weather card. you can always bet someone that has it.

** Ways to get other cards will be defined soon

** Note: I used some female gamer tags because I want the meetup to be gender inclusive, and not just a bunch of gamer dudes.

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