What we're about

Enjoy great indie musicians performing LIVE for you... in the comfort of a cozy LIVING ROOM!

This group is run by seasoned indie scene-makers who are also experienced meetup organizers. We've been putting on countless Living Room-style concerts for years, and are well-connected to a thriving indie music scene consisting of hundreds of local musicians, venues and fans.




- Hayko's Turkish Carpets, Amber's Place, Frank's Apartment, The Meta Center, Rockwood Music Hall, Prospect Park, Central Park


- Noe Venable, Matt Kanelos, Dave Sasscer, Julia Barry, Tyme for Tea, Daniel Goodman, Rain Of The Rock, Arielle, JJ Bang, Kitch, jKb freedom jazz, Bobby Kane, Diane Wolkstein, Shoot The Messenger, Jason Vitelli, James Ruff, Rich Casella, Eric McEuen, Mindy Dillard, Katie Letts, The Bliss Jockeys, Carolyn Ota, Ellen Weiss, Elena Giordano, Phil Robinson, Joy Kelly, Jessica Lee, Obsidian Oz, Cadillac Dorman, Brandon Whightsel


- Indie, Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk, Gospel, R&B, WOrld, Storytelling, Blues, Folk


One of our main goals here is to bring you into a thriving music community so at each live event, you'll be greeted by other people of like mind looking to enjoy a show. We'll get to know one another, compare interests, enjoy the show and hang go out afterwards, often with the musicians themselves! Join our warm and thriving community of musicicians and music lovers!

Our many interests and categories: live music, live rock music, live jazz music, live pop music, live indie music, hip hop music, soul music, rap music, rhythm and blues music, world music, folk music, r&b, reggae, alternative, punk, latin, acoustic, instrumental, singers, songwriters, rock shows, guitarists, concerts, jam bands, rock bands, jazz bands, jazz jams, jazz concerts, jazz singers, rock musicians, live rock concerts, live jazz, live shows, live concerts, live bands, acoustic

Past events (87)

The Songwriter Stream (5 Acts, feat. Jake Thistle & Alethea)

This event has passed

Music at Mary O's Online (5 Acts, feat. Abigail Lumsden & Emily Gabriele)

This event has passed

The Songwriter Stream (5 Acts, feat. Naomi Vernon & Real-Life Superhero)

This event has passed