What we're about

The greatest, high fiviest and smiliest group of runners you can find informally enjoying the streets of NYC!

What can you expect? High fives, smiles, very lame jokes, new friends and best of all free workouts, running buddies and words of encouragement!

Join us for Speed Workouts, Tempo Workouts, bRUNch Long Runs, and the occasional party run! Or you can come and just hang out!

We encourage runners of all abilities, all paces -- NO ONE IS TOO SLOW!

http://nyc-informalrunning.com/ (http://nyc.informalrunning.com/)

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Tempo Thursdays

Jack Rabbit Store

Build up your endurance and pace control with our weekly tempo runs, rain or shine! The workouts consist of a warm up run to the West Side Highway, an endurance drill, and then end with a cool down run back to the store, averaging 5 to 7 miles total. You will feel great, slightly exhausted, and very smiley at the end of the workout. Guaranteed! Expect the usual level of high fives, smiles, puns and themes! NOTE: Jack Rabbit Union Square provides us with bag check and will be open when we return.

TMIRCE Newbie Meet & Greet


We get it. Showing up for the first time and not knowing anyone can be tough. We were there once too. That’s why we are hosting a meet & greet for new and new-ish runners Saturday morning, 9:30 am @ lululemon located on 17th St & 5th Ave. If you haven’t attended a workout yet but you’ve been thinking about it or maybe you’ve been to a few runs with us but want to meet some other members just starting out, come join us. We’ll have a couple of TMIRCE veterans there to answer any questions (and to offer demonstrations of proper high-five technique) but mostly we want to give you a chance to mingle with other runners in a small group setting. At 10am, we’ll let the rest of the group in and start our weekly bRUNch workout. Take off if you need to or stick around for the run. Look forward to seeing you there! **Veteran Runners – Please stay away until 10am. Thanks.

run + brunch (bRUNch)


Meetup/Hangout – 10:00 am lululemon - Hub Seventeen -- Enter lululemon on 17th St & 5th Ave. Go down the stairs located on the left side of the store. That's where you'll find us. The store opens at 10am. Show up, say hi, chat, and drop off anything you don’t want to run with: jackets, bags, phones, etc. Somebody will always stay to watch the stuff. Run – A little after 10:00 am Run any distance you want (1 mile, 3 miles, 5 miles, whatever). We'll head to the West Side Highway together. No pressure and no limits. Totally informal. Lots of different paces for lots of different people. Even walking speed is encouraged! Brunch – 10:45 am - 12:00 pm **WE'VE PUT THE BRUNCH BACK IN bRUNch!!!** Pot Luck style brunch at the lululemon store. Contribute a little something to share with the group (a small package of fruit, some cookies, muffins, juice, etc.) That easy, that informal. Don't worry if you can't or if you forget, it's a shared food party! What to expect: A seriously fun group of runners who definitely do not take running too seriously . We will meet, chat, RUN, stretch, chat, eat and then leave. It’s that easy. First we run, then we eat!

East River Track Workout

East River Park Track

There's only one trick to getting faster... and that is to run fast! Come join TMIRCE at the East River Track on the Lower East Side for free, creative, speed workouts guaranteed to make you faster one step at a time. What's in store?! Left turns, circles, intervals, sprints, relays, glow sticks, high fives, EVERYTHING! The fun is snow, sleet, rain or shine, year round! Lace up, show up! Run fast, take chances! NOTE: there is NO secure place to store bags, valuables, etc. We'll be nearby for most of the workout, but can't make any promises. Please use caution and do not bring anything you cannot afford to lose. We pile all our stuff together and are (relatively) nearby for the duration of the workout. We have never had a problem with theft, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. After the workout join us for beer at ABC Beer Co. on Ave C between 6th and 7th. WORKOUT DETAILS: Check back closer to the workout...

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East River Track Workout

East River Park Track

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